Christina Daniels



Christina Daniels?

Christina is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is a passionate and creative individual who enjoys daydreaming about ways to change the world. Monday – Thursday, she is a Social Studies teacher and writes articles. And Friday – Sunday, she coaches, rests, worships, and enjoys family + friends.


When I got saved, I quickly strayed from God because I struggled with insecurity and I wanted to be loved. I ended up in an unhealthy relationship and engaging in sin. Then, one day, God spoke to me and offered a solution to my internal problems. The solution to growth was releasing idols and embracing holiness.

God was like a gardener who removed the weeds, so the seeds He planted within me could grow and bear fruit.

I grew up with the hope of honoring God in every way possible, but I often fell short and didn’t understand why. On my journey of healing and awakening, the gospel set me free from unhealthy generational patterns, toxic relationships, people-pleasing, codependence, pride, and a victim mentality.

With God’s help and wise counsel, I identified my impurities and began the process of sanctification. And now, I want to offer you the same experience! I don’t want you to wish you had known the path to true healing and righteousness when you hit rock bottom. That’s why I created a platform for you!


  • I was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica.
  • I live in sunny South Florida, USA.
  • I run two other websites: King at Heart and Biblical Dream Meanings.
  • I’m only 53% extroverted and I get really shy sometimes.
  • Putting myself out there online is so uncomfortable.
  • I love food, sleep, God, family, and friends the most.
  • I could eat ice-cream all day, but unfortunately I’m allergic to dairy.
  • My sisters, Joanie-Ann and Martina, are also bloggers.