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6 Tips To Avoid Games & The Dark Side of Flirting

In my article, Does He Like Me? I addressed how you can figure out the interest level of the guy you like or that is flirting with you. I also addressed how to navigate relationships with men that are very flirtatious and are seemingly stringing you along. In this post, I want to explain further […]


How to Eliminate Society’s Marital Expectations

There are a lot of expectations that society puts on married couples. Some of these expectations include constantly being together, having children immediately after marriage, always smiling, combining incomes, and etc. After getting married, couples are given an abundant amount of advice that people expect for them to follow. There are several good reasons for […]

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Are children our future? My Child Is My Canvas!

 An Image of Flawless Imperfection (For My Son) My child is my canvas and my opportunity to create a masterpiece. With every stroke of my paintbrush, I will teach him everything that I know. I will teach him about my successes so that he can exceed them. I will teach him about my failures so […]


“Spark” (poetry)

“Spark” I am a speck in the universal skyscape I take up no more space or matter than A blip On radars, on sound waves, on light traveling for years Trying to reach some mass from which to bounce.   But there’s a space that surrounds me Waiting to be moved by energy. I look […]

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5 Ways To Avoid Unhealthy Romantic Expectations

Are you in love with the idea of romance or the perfect mate? I was and I didn’t even know it!

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Conditional vs. Unconditional LOVE: What is it?

Love is a gift that cannot be earned. Love is given to someone when they deserve and don’t deserve your affections.

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