How to use affirmation cards
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How to use Affirmation Cards for Quick Results

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Reciting affirmations and mantras is crucial for developing confidence, strength, positivity, and a healthy perspective.

To achieve quick results with Affirmation Cards, it’s essential to understand that just as your body craves food, your soul craves inspiration, encouragement, and positivity. Feeding yourself positivity will satisfy your spiritual hunger and heal unhealthy mindsets. This practice can transform how you show up in the world, helping you realize that your dreams are possible, emotional stability is available, and you were created for more than you can imagine.

Affirmations confront thoughts that keep you disempowered and stuck.

The primary purpose of using affirmation cards is to confront disempowering and limiting thoughts, and start believing that you have everything you need to succeed now. Adopting this mindset will provide you with the strength, focus, and inspiration necessary to overcome every setback on your journey to your dream life. It’s no surprise that affirmation cards are scientifically proven to:

  • Be more effective when thinking about future events
  • Activate the brain’s reward centers
  • Reduce stress levels and rumination
  • Improve academic achievement levels
  • Create positive habit changes in our lives
  • Increase activity in the brain’s self-processing areas that help you focus on your positive attributes.

How to use Affirmation Cards

Get yourself a set of affirmation cards and start using them to rewire your brain. Keep in mind that there is no set formula for using affirmation cards. The way you decide to use them should be based on what works for you. I will provide some suggestions below, but feel free to build on them.

1. Choose a card deck theme

There are so many different types of affirmations. Therefore, it’s important to find the set of affirmation cards that align with the area that you’re working on. Also, find the cards you think are beautiful and makes you excited to use them!

For instance, here are different affirmations for a range of emotions:

2. Design an affirmation routine

Explore your preferred way to affirm yourself. Remember, it’s what works for you, so that could mean a different method each day. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you spend time mindfully feeding yourself positivity.

Ideas for routines:

  • Read the card then sit or lay down in quiet meditation 
  • Use the card as a journal prompt and write your thoughts about it down 
  • Write down the unhealthy thoughts that attack you when you read the cards and pray against them
  • Repeat the card to yourself through the day and before bed
  • Bring the card or entire deck with you daily and read it as necessary 
  • Discuss the card with a friend or mentor
  • Use the card as inspiration to take meaning steps towards a goal or desire
  • Sit with your partner and/or children and discuss a daily or weekly affirmation together for bonding and group growth 

3. Choose a card daily or weekly 

Choose a card each day or week. You can pick the card randomly or deliberately. Also, feel free to choose more than one if you wish. The goal is to think deeply about the topic on your selected card.

For example, your affirmation card might say: “I am worthy of respect and love.”

Throughout the week, consider questions such as: What does respect mean to me? How do I want to be loved? Who makes me feel respected and loved? Do most people respect me? Why do I feel disrespected and unloved?

Take time to fully explore how the affirmation applies to your life and how you can apply it to your behavior and expectations of others.

What is the purpose of affirmation cards?

The ultimate goal of an affirmation card is to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to live a meaningful life. 

Remove unhealthy thoughts

It’s human nature to feel defeated, fearful, unmotivated, unworthy, and weak occasionally. Fortunately, using affirmation cards can help you remove thoughts that don’t serve you. They help you rewire your brain by changing negative thought processes to healthy thought processes.

For instance, what is something that you really want? Do you feel that it’s out of reach? Do you think you’re worthy of it? If you received it would you fear losing it?

In that example, you would rewire your brain to think positively by affirming yourself that you can reach your goals, you are worthy of your goals, and you won’t fail if you aim for your goals.

Manifest your goals with affirmations 

You were created with dreams, goals, and visions that serve a purpose larger than you.  Affirmations will help you believe it’s your destiny to manifest all God has called you to be.

Life is filled with setbacks, obstacles, and disappointments. However, through these difficulties you can emerge even stronger and with clearer goals.

How do affirmation cards for adults help with manifesting goals? Affirmations cards will remind you to get back up again after every mistake, failure, and loss. Why? Because if you’re still alive, there is so much beauty for you to experience and share with the world.

If you’re still alive, there is so much beauty for you to experience and share with the world.

Affirmations cards inspire

Sometimes we just need some positivity in our lives. Affirmations can be the encouraging voice that you wish you had with you all day long.

So, if you just need inspiration, take your cards with you everywhere you go. Then read one as necessary. It’s a true game changer.

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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