Unique and inspirational gifts for christian women.
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11+ Tear-Jerking Christian Gifts for Women!

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These unique and inspirational Christian gifts are for any special woman in your life. I include gift ideas for women that you have close relationships with and others that are merely church sisters that you wish to bless. To make all these gifts special, I suggest that you accompany it with a sentimental card that will upgrade your gift instantly! These gifts will bring joy on any special occasion (Christmas, birthdays, holidays, etc.)!!

1. 50 Positive Affirmation Cards

You can gift these beautiful affirmation cards to your friend, significant other, or family member. There are 50 cards in the deck and they come in a sleek black metal container. This is the perfect gift for women that are ambitious, beautiful, and destined for greatness.

2.  Goal and Life Planners

My sister bought me a planner as a Christmas present in 2019. This planner is under $40 . I absolutely love this planner because it is so cute and girly. There are different brands and colors for planners, so feel free to look around. However, I like the Clever Fox planner because it comes with stickers, a vision board, weekly goal setting charts, reward trackers, etc. It is truly amazing at keeping my life together. It’s the perfect gift for your busy or ambitious friend! You can include a card that inspires your friend to keep going and don’t forget to include inspirational success scriptures!

3. Inspirational Keychains!

Here you can find a set of 12 keychains for under $18. I like to give keychains to friends that are not super close but I just want to bless them. Make this gift sweeter by writing a card describing awesome things about your friend while using the word on the keychain. If that’s what you are looking for, these make great gifts for members of your church or your co-workers. These keychains are safe enough to give to non-Christian friends as well.

4. Journals With A Unique Touch!

You can find journals for under $10, but this journal is under $15. Almost every Christian women I know adores journals. I have ran through many over the years. I suggest getting one that matches the style of the person. Then, write something on the first page. I usually write how their life has been a gift to me in the holiday season… Or, if you’re prophetic give them a word from God or bible scripture that reminds you of them.

5. Greeting or Thank You Cards!

This gift is the gift that keeps on giving. These cards are under $10 for 12 thinking of you cards but you are able to gift Christmas cards, birthday cards, greeting cards, holiday cards, etc. You have really struck gold if you find cards that remind you of a personal and touching moment with the person. By giving your friend a supply of thank you or greeting cards, they will think of you every time they give a card away. To sweeten the deal, remind your special person how the cards reminded you of them and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

6. Inspirational Prayer Cards

The prayer cards will help your friend have different prayers daily. This specific list offers 101 Prayers to Share for under $7! If you check out the link you will notice that there are multiple different vendors and designs that you can choose from. The cards are filled with the promises of God and reminders that God loves and cares for you. The cards also reference scriptures so it helps to build faith and scriptural knowledge!

7. Unique Christian Pens

Everyone needs to write, right? lol. Pens under $7 are a great gift to give to christian women because it is needed daily. The gift will be a gentle reminder that you care about the person and that God is with them. There are many different vendors with different types of pens. However, I like these pens because they are girly, cheap, and have powerful scriptures to empower the pen holder. You can sweeten this deal by writing a card explaining how the scripture on the pen relates to the special person.

8. Travel Toiletry Bags

Is your friend someone that needs to organize their make-up and toiletry better? Well, a cute bag is always needed! You can find toiletry/makeup bags under $10 on Amazon. I love travel styled bags because when you’re doing an overnight stay or vacationing you can just add your tooth brush to this bag and take it with you. It also opens up like a whole rack that you can hang in the bathroom. This makeup bag costs under $30 and I like it because it has organizational devices and it’s super cute! To sweeten this gift, I would write a card including scriptures about beauty and the beauty that your friend possesses! It is truly a nice gift, as they will consider you every time they open their well organized pouch!

9. RichGirl Masks, Scrunchies & Makeup Bags

RichGirl is an up and coming brand from a close friend of mine. She makes handcrafted masks, make up bags, and scrunchies. This would make the perfect gift for your friends that are obsessed with fashion, makeup, and accessories. The store offers amazing colors for the holidays — Christmas and New Years. To sweeten this deal, I would include some makeup brushes or a cute card that expresses how beautiful your friend is! She will feel all the emotions that comes with an amazing gift!

10. Inspirational Christian Books

Gifting a book that you have read and like is a GREAT idea. You can gift the book and give a card explaining how it impacted you and how you hope it does the same or more for them. One year, my sister bought me a book called Everybody Always by Bob Goff and it’s one of my favorites. She bought it because she knows how much I like to do kind things for others. The book is loaded with things I would do and ideas to love people to another level. It was truly a special gift. Here is a list of 9+ other books that I recommend to gift.


We all know those crafty people in our lives! The ones that like to make everything from scratch! You could treat them to some sort of kit that would help them explore their creative outlet. Here are a few kits: Painting kit, Journal making kit, Candle making kit, Soap Making Kit, and hand made card kit! Pair this with a card reminding your friend that you can’t wait to spend time and do this with them. This is perfect for your friends that have quality time as a main love language!

12. Customized Photo Album

One year, I bought my sister a photo album and put personal pictures inside of it. This can be done and given as a gift for couples, families, best friends, etc. Basically, you are buying a photo album and adding pictures so you can start it for them. You are able to add personal notes, pictures, stickers and creative things based on your desire. This gift is under $18 dollars and you can find your own photo album of choice on Amazon.

13. Facial Kit For Women!

For your girly friends, you can buy an amazing facial spa kit between $20 – $40. If your friend loves quality time this is the perfect gift to do with your friend. You can set up a chick flick movie night and give this gift then. The best part is, you get to surprise your friend and spend a sweet moment with them. There are many other cheaper options as well. You can buy facial scrubs under $5 and make your own gift bag!

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