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65 Journal Prompts for Boundaries In All Areas

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Setting boundaries are important to protect your energy, heart, time, finances, body, physical space, and family.

Too often, we believe flexibility, ambition, kindness, and love means being open to everything and everyone. Unfortunately, when you give yourself to things that drain you, then you won’t be able to show up in the spaces that matter with power and confidence.

Therefore, these boundaries journal prompts will help you take inventory of how well you’re doing at keeping your boundaries up.

Journal Prompts for Setting Boundaries

As you read through these journal prompts for setting boundaries, find a peaceful location to write in your journal. It is recommended, that you allow your emotions to flow freely. Try not to ignore or avoid painful feelings or thoughts. Take time to listen to your emotions and intuitions, even if it feels scrambled and illogical.

While our feelings can be incorrect due to pain, they may all be indicators of something deeper. Therefore, take this opportunity to journal and seek a therapist or empowerment coach to help you sort through the internal emotions.

Boundaries Journal Prompt

Emotional Boundary Journal Prompts

Emotional boundaries are the protective measures to ensure that your feelings, thoughts, and decisions are not negatively affected by the behavior of needs of others.

  1. Am I using boundaries or am I using emotional walls?
  2. What is the ideal way you would want someone to nurture your emotions?
  3. Who do you share your deepest feelings with?
  4. Do you feel safe and respected by the people you share with? Why or why not?
  5. Is there anyone that forces their thoughts and opinions on you? How does that make you feel?
  6. What is your method for deciding who is safe to share information with?
  7. Do you feel freedom to stop sharing information with those who feel unsafe?
  8. Do you prioritize the emotions of others before your own? Why?
  9. Is it wise to nurture someone when you’re in severe need of nurturing?
  10. Is there an action plan you can make to check in with yourself before checking on everyone else?
  11. Do you give advice because you want to help people avoid problems?
  12. Is it always your job to give? Or should you trust God will give what you can’t?
  13. Are your words and actions motivated by fear or control?
  14. What would happen if you let go of the need to advise, direct, and give to others?
  15. What situations drain your emotions? Why?
  16. How can you do to recharge your positive energy, so you live from love?
  17. When sharing with a friend, do you consider: Is this something I should talk to an unqualified friend about? Or should I talk to a professional?

“It is necessary, and even vital, to set standards for your life and the people you allow in it.” ― Mandy Hale

Relationships, Friendships, and Family Boundaries

The people in our lives can either make it a happier life or steal our energy. Use these journal prompts for boundaries to ensure that you’re only allowing those who love you into your inner cycle. 

  1. What is your ideal type of friend, partner, and family relationship?
  2. What is the current situation with people in your life?
  3. Who shows you the most respect?
  4. How long has the safe people in your life been there?
  5. Is there anyone that you are cautious about being around and talking to? Why?
  6. Do you set boundaries with those who have proven untrustworthy in the past?
  7. What do you consider unacceptable behavior in someone you love?
  8. How long does it take before you trust someone?
  9. Is there someone in your life feel controlling, manipulative, or hard to deal with?
  10. Do you forgive and forget easily?
  11. When do you think it’s appropriate to set boundaries?
  12. Do you feel obligated to do, feel, or say anything around anyone? Why?
  13. Do you have freedom in your circle to be your authentic self?
  14. Do you get defensive and put up a wall with people that hurt you?
  15. Based on your actions, what is the difference between using a wall and boundaries?
  16. Do people have to be perfect to earn your love? Why or why not?
  17. In your experience, what’s the difference between an imperfect person and a toxic person?
  18. Do you have any toxic relationships in your life?
  19. When is it appropriate to let go/ cut off someone?

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If you have to end a connection to find happiness again, do it. – s. mcnutt

Physical Boundaries 

Physical boundaries are the protective measures that you take to guard your body, house, possessions, and personal space from anything that could steal your peace.

  1. Who currently has full access to you? Why?
  2. Are you happy with the people that have access to you? Why or why not?
  3. Do you have to second guess or question the actions or motives of those in your physical space?
  4. List times when your intuition has been wrong and right.
  5. What is the best way to see if someone is trust worthy?
  6. You have a safe with billions in it? Who would you give access to?
  7. Are you as careful with your body and possessions as you would be with billions of dollars?
  8. Do you communicate to others your preferences for how to engage with your physical space?

Work & Time Boundaries

Your time is sacred sweetheart. Use the boundary journal prompts to explore how you can guard your time and spend it on what matters the most.

  1. What do you spend most of your time doing? Why?
  2. What do you wish to spend more time doing?
  3. Do you have a schedule? Why or why not?
  4. For who, would you stop what you’re doing right now to do what they asked? Why?
  5. What does taking a break mean to you?
  6. What do you do on break? (Work, help someone, etc.)
  7. Do you check your calendar before saying yes to people?
  8. Do you say yea before really evaluating if you have the energy to do something?
  9. What would be your ideal work life balance look like?
  10. Does fear drive you to help and work beyond what’s healthy?
  11. Do you spend most of your time with stressful people and in stressful situations? Why?
  12. What can you do right now to prioritize self-love and inner peace?
  13. Do you consider the cost of your yes? What will you have to give up or put off?
  14. Do you constantly change your schedule to accommodate people?

Financial Boundaries

Financial boundaries are the protections you’ve put in place to protect your money and resources from those outside of your circle.

  1. Do you fear saying no? Why or why not?
  2. Who do you lend money to? Why?
  3. Who do you borrow money from? Do you feel safe with them?
  4. Do you lend your property to whoever asks?
  5. Do you feel obligated to help someone with less money? Why or why not?
  6. Do you feel hurt when someone with more money doesn’t help you? Why or why not?
  7. Do you think people are entitled to an explanation of why you said no? Why or why not?
  8. Do you set boundaries with those who have proven untrustworthy in the past?

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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