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48 Affirmations to Attract Soulmates

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I’m here to tell you: Love isn’t a theory or a myth, it is really real. But, we often date people that we have nothing in common with because the relationship is based on filling our empty love tank. Yes, many relationships begin from two selfish individuals that desires to feel the drug like “high” and comfort that love gives. We usually pick these type of partners when we are insecure, codependent, and deal with toxic emotions.

I believe a soul mate is a partner that we CHOOSE from a place of empowerment. A soulmate is an etherial concept… A soulmate is simply a person that is a healthy match for our soul. They’re not perfect, but they take the time to know us and love us, so the partnership is very complimentary.

How to Identify Your Soulmate Vs Toxic Mate

You can’t spot REAL LOVE if you don’t know what it is. You will only understand REAL LOVE when you learn to really LOVE yourself. And you can avoid heartbreaks and distractions by learning the difference between Mr. Right and the Mr. Wrongs, Mr. Cheaters, and Mr. Abusers. 

When we choose a partner from a healed place that person tends to be growth minded, and a compatible match to our personality and lifestyle. Unlike a toxic mate that doesn’t change and is usually our perfect trauma match!

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Affirmations for Attracting A Soulmate

Soulmates are individuals that get you, because they see themselves within you. And vice versa. But, that doesn’t mean a soulmate relationships don’t come with hard work. Start healing and preparing to be a healthy partner for your soulmate with these affirmations.

  1. I am the missing puzzle piece in my true love’s life.

2. I am one of a kind and irreplaceable for the right one.

3. I have a magnetic energy that is irresistible to my soul mate.

4. I am exactly the type of woman that my soulmate has been waiting for.

5. I don’t have to compete with anyone for my soul mate’s attention.

6. I will not entertain partners from my past that are not my soul mate.

7. I can trust the man of my dreams and I don’t have to worry about being abandoned.

8. I will let of expectations that require my soulmate to be perfect OR like a fairytale/movie.

9. I will expect a soulmate that is on the same growth process as myself. I don’t want someone perfect, but someone committed to growing.

10. I will become the best version of myself, so I’ll attract a soulmate that is the best version of themselves.

11. I am practicing healthy communication with my friends and family to prepare for my soulmate.

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12. I will live out my biggest dreams before my soulmate arrives because they are the cherry on top, not the foundation for my happiness.

13. I make the life of my soulmate better and He will make mine better too.

14. I will be slow and careful before labeling others as my soulmate.

15. I will pray and wait for God to reveal things about others that I can’t see, so I don’t pick the wrong person.

16. I acknowledge that a soulmate is someone that will take me closer to God and not closer to pain.

17. I will delight myself in the Lord while I wait for him to give me the man I desire.

18. I will experience love that changes the way that I view life and people.

19. I will not lose hope that there is someone that perfectly compliments me.

20. I am my soulmate’s dream GIRL. He loves my beauty, strengths, and personality. No one can replace me.

21. I will save my affections and love for my soul mate. 

22. I will be attracted to my soulmate’s inner and external beauty.

23. I will not settle for love that is fake and doesn’t make me a better person.

24. I am not afraid of love. I will embrace the idea that someone perfectly compliments my weaknesses and strengths.

25. I will feel peaceful and at home with my future spouse.

26. I will wait as long as needed to find the right person because they’ll be worth it.

27. I will wait on God’s confirmation to see if my love interest is my soulmate.

28. I will NOT wait time with partners that destroy me, steal my happiness, and block me from going after my passions.

29. I will not confuse chemistry with love.

30. My soulmate won’t just give me butterflies, but they make me feel safe and valued.

More Affirmations for Love

Affirmations for Love and Healing 

Old emotional baggage needs to be thrown away because you can ruin a new relationship with old behaviors and ways of thinking. Use these positive affirmations for love and healing to retrain your brain and break cycles of codependence, victimhood, rejection, abandonment, and unforgiveness. 

1. I am not afraid of rejection and don’t have to be afraid of my soulmate leaving me.

2. I will not be clingy and react negatively if my partner doesn’t give me all their time.

3. I am not a victim that is destined to be abused and mistreated.

4. I am healing and will be a whole and complete person.

5. I will seek therapy or empowerment coaching to prepare myself for my ideal life.

6. I am healthy and healed.

7. I am emotionally stable and will control my anger and words.

8. I can trust myself to not mess up my relationship.

9. I will allow God to direct and heal me.

10. I will take full responsibility for my actions in relationships.

11. I will forgive and let go of the pain from my past.

12. I am radiating with love because I have released the pain.

13. I will not mistake codependency for love.

14. I will not make excuses for partners that don’t want to change.

15. I will heal trust issues and I will not sabotage my relationship with suspicion. 

16. I refuse to be selfish and only think about my needs in the relationship.

17. I will release the anger and bitterness from my past partners.

18. I am not easily irritated and I will heal all unstable emotions now, so my soulmate doesn’t feels they’re walking on eggshells.

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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