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My name is Collin Judean. I’m 27 and I’m from India. I usually wake up at 5 in the morning to pray. After my quiet time, I’ll sleep for an hour or so and this was the time when I got this unusual dream and I haven’t seen those type of dreams ever in my life. I couldn’t remember much when I woke up. But all I saw was a little girl and a man with that wand(like the one which is used in the harry potter movies) in his hand doing something to the girl. Just imagine.. The place looks like a store where you can see different racks or section arranged for different things(like the one you’ll see in the library). This is happening right in between the racks where I’m not seeing any other people around me but there was a person whom I knew who worked with me was there. I’m like telling her.. see what this man’s doing ! The dream came to an end when the man came and told me something like “Elizabeth spirit” but I couldn’t remember it. But I can only remember the name “Elizabeth” was very clear and I’m not pretty sure what he said. And I said this to the person who worked with me who was in the rack next to us and she got frightened. Then I woke up.

I’m very much confused. Please help me Mrs.Christina Daniels !

Christina Daniels Answered question July 29, 2021

Hello Collin, This is a POWERFUL spiritual warfare dream. You will need to ask God to reveal more about what an “Elizabeth spirit is” because I can only guess that part since it isn’t in the Bible.

  1. Is there someone you know by the name of Elizabeth that isn’t kind? The dream could be saying that the spirit is similar to the person Elizabeth you know.
  2. Did the dream mention the Jezebel spirit? The Jezebel spirit is manipulative, cunning, selfish, and wicked.

Also, the fact that only you could really see it indicates that you have spiritual discernment. Lastly, your prayers are demolishing witches, warlocks, and demonic principals. God wants to remind you that your PRAYERS ARE POWERFUL! Don’t stop those prayers. I feel the mighty weight of God as I write this. He has big plans for you and your prayers are a part of that. xoxo Christina

Christina Daniels Edited answer July 29, 2021