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I was at home and a car from on the street got into an accident and somehow managed to get into my drive way and total my car. The back was completely smashed in and all the items I had in my back seat were stolen. I remember crying alot and I saw 3 cars in from of my house spaced out like they were involved in a accident. Saw men in military uniform with guns and by each man I saw someone sitting beside them on the ground.

Christina Daniels Answered question April 11, 2022


Cars represent our lives and ministry. It seems that your car was parked and you weren’t being full active. Maybe this means that you are not doing as much as you could for the kingdom? Either way, your car was totaled in a place that you thought was safe.

Your back was totaled meaning you can’t carry items nor people in the car to a new location in their Godly journey. The military uniform represent authority (most likely Godly order) and they came to set things straight. I believe this dream is reflecting something happening in your life where you were trying to play it safe and things still went wrong.

However, God is your protector and he will set it straight no matter what. YOU ARE LOVED.


Christina Daniels Edited answer April 11, 2022
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