what is God saying to me?


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I have had three dreams.

Dream 1: I dreamed I was in my mother in laws house at night, and I went out the front door, and looked up toward heaven, and I looked to my left still looking up toward heaven, an I saw two eye’s looking down on earth, and I tried showing someone in the dream by pointing, and after that I woke up.

Dream 2: I dreamed about my husband, our guy friend Shannon, an billy, and our three our friends, Eric, Billy, an Anthony. But in the dream my husband disappeared with  Shannon, Billy,Eric, an Anthony, an in the dream they was trying to get away from me, then while in the dream I called out Shannon, and he never appeared, and so I tried to contact him on my phone, but couldn’t. after that I woke up.

Dream 3:  I dreamed I was driving by myself to my dad’s an I was by myself, I was in south Chandler, and just before the second bridge there was an 18 wheeler parked in both lanes on the road facing the direction I was going. and so I decided to turn around, and head back home since I couldn’t get to my dad’s after I turned back around I found myself on foot walking, cause the roads were messed up an couldn’t be driven on. everybody had to walk mostly. But as I was walking I turned back, an looked to the south, an saw there was what looked like a storm coming from the southwest, and at the beginning of that storm I saw two eye’s looking down on earth, and they was looking through the clouds, then I turned, and kept walking, and I ended up walking through peoples house, and property, cause couldn’t find any road. next thing I know there was dogs barking at me while I was walking, an also it started to rain. an finally I came across a Brookshire’s while still on foot, an I finally decided to contact my husband on phone, but couldn’t him in my phone, an so I tried my guy friend Shannon I didn’t have his number, but his email, and so I did a voice text in english, but what I voice texted in english seemed to be texted in another language, I don’t know what it said cause I couldn’t read it was blury. But I sent it anyway. after that I woke up.

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Hello Christi,

Thanks for sharing!

Dream #1: The dream indicates that God sees you and you see him. This is great because it’s a reminder that God is present with you. If there is a situation with your MIL, remember that God hears you and sees all. You are both connected.

Dream #2: Sounds like your husband has relationships (with food, pride, work, people, etc.) that makes you feel rejected and unloved. You may also feel like you don’t have reliable support and feel unheard in your relationship connection.

Dream #3: You’re on a spiritual journey. There seems to be something that keeps stopping you from moving forward and you move backwards. However, God appeared in your dream to show you he is present. Then you’re moving forward in your spiritual walk, but you feel uncomfortable because you’re being put in places and situations that are out of the ordinary way of life. The dogs barking are the loud voice within yourself OR other people that are distracting you and trying to fill you with fear. It seems that the connection between your husband and you seem to be an issue. Is he always with Shannon? Either way, it seems you’re desperate for help, but you can’t find resolve with your husband.

If any of this felt true for you and you’d like to discuss what’s going on, I invite you to do a free 20 minute empowerment session 😉

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Christina Daniels Answered question June 26, 2022