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So, I’m 19 and I had a dream a couple days ago, I feel as if it was a message from god, but I don’t know if it for sure was. In the dream I was in a room of only a couple people, they all felt really evil and felt as if they had really bad vibes, so I spoke to someone and I said “May God my lord be with you” then the person I said it to looked at me and gave me an evil smile, but a second later it disappeared. Then the person next to me who heard me say this to them told me “don’t say that here, they’ll hear you” so then I was like “I’m going to say it because the lord my god will protect me” this person tried to stop me, but then I went through the door that led to a bigger room full of more people and I said “May the lord my god bless everyone in this room” and everyone tired to me with a malicious smile and just started to circle around me, but I was talking in gods name I kept saying “God bless all of you” and their smiles kept getting bigger and they kept getting closer, this is when I started to fear, not a lot, but a little, I kept saying gods name, but to no avail these people would listen. Was god trying to give me a sign not to waver in my faith? I kept spreading his word and people were getting mad at me.

Christina Daniels Answered question August 17, 2021


This is such a powerful dream. Yes, this dream is trying to tell you not to waver and that you’re powerful. It also shows that you went up another level in the spiritual world. Like you can take on large groups of demons. But, you have to focus on God. At first you were only focused on God, but eventually the amount of demonic influence around you started to make you worry.

This may be symbolic of what is happening in your life. You are conquering smaller situations, but as the enemy sees your strength He is sending many demonic interferences to knock you off your game.

Stay focused on God and not the size of the problem.

Thanks for sharing my sweet friend.

Xoxo Christina Daniels

Christina Daniels Answered question August 17, 2021