Was I with God?


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I was walking alongside the shore of the ocean. To the left of me was crystal clear water..to the right of me was just a line of tall bushes. The shore had seaweed washed up but it wasn’t bothersome. As I peered into the crystal clear water I became a little unsettled. Afraid of seeing something scary come out, but as quickly as I felt scared was as quick as I became calm and continued my walk alongside the shore just taking in the view around me.

Christina Daniels Answered question July 29, 2021

Hello Lisa, Yes it sounds like you were walking with the spirit. I believe the clear water represents your relationship with God and how clearly He is speaking to you right now. Sounds like you have a lot of clarity about your life… But, it feels scary to you. God wants to remind you that you can keep calm, trust him, and keep walking. Admire the journey (the view by the shore) that God is taking you on my sweet friend. xoxo Christina

Christina Daniels Edited answer July 29, 2021