Restoring my son

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My 12yr old son has drawn into himself, hidding from the world. I can’t blame him. Amongst the fact that he’s 12 and that’s just a weird age… his parents have trampled his heart. I was raised by a narcissist mother, so I grew up to marry a narcissist man. I started to awaken in my late 20’s and began the battle to escape my then husband. My son grew up under chaos. Two failed attempts and Four years later I finally made my break. My fist born (12 yr old son) was full of light, but over the years it’s faded. I didn’t help the situation, I’ll be honest. It took another 5 years, a drinking problem and three boyfriends later before I gave over to God. Naturally since then my life has been knitting itself back together, but what do I do about my poor sweet child? He insists that he’s an atheist, I can’t blame him. From his perspective why would a God allow him so much pain in 12 short years? He hates his father. He’s beginning to dislike me and he doesn’t trust anyone. What can I do?

Christina Daniels Posted new comment April 16, 2020

First of all, I want to say you are doing an amazing job. You are doing the hardest part of this process — acknowledging how you could of contributed to a cycle. That is the HARDEST thing for anyone to do. The truth is, your son has to come to that realization as well. He has to learn that life is hard and we choose what to do with our emotions after. The best thing you can do is continue doing what you are doing — Healing. Our light is the biggest testimony to the world. The more loving and lighter you become will inspire him to want the same. Continue to love him. Don’t push him nor nag him. Just show him what love is. That is what Jesus did with the disciples. He came and showed them love over and over again. They denied him. They questioned him. But, eventually love and prayer will defeat darkness. We just have to keep hoping, loving, and forgiving. Being a momma means teaching our kids how to forgive the world and tap into the strength of God when everything knocks us down. He sees it in you momma. He sees your strength. He loves you. He just needs to know it isn’t fake. He just needs to know that you are committed to loving him… He may test boundaries, he may rebel. But, He wants to feel your light and God’s love. He just needs to know that you won’t leave nor take your love away. You got this healing momma. I’m rooting for you! xoxo Christina Daniels