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Lately, I’ve been praying for restoration between my ex and i. I recently had a dream where I saw my ex at a water park, we only waved at one another and that was it. I’m lost as to what this could mean ? Is God answering my prayers letting me know it will happen but to just have faith and wait ?

Christina Daniels Changed status to publish September 17, 2022


Thanks for reaching out. I do apologize for the late reply.

I believe this dream had more to do with your emotions. What were you feeling in the dream?
I could imagine — a water park is an exciting place where you have fun. Yet, you were only able to see your ex from a distance. I would assume the dream is showing that his far-ness is causing pain and lack of joy in areas you should be expriencing it.

Hope that help.


Christina Daniels Answered question September 17, 2022