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I had a dream that I was in a vehicle with my sons father. He was driving. We had just left my boyfriend’s house (ex now in real life now but at the time of this dream he was my current boyfriend) and we came to a stop sign. As we were at the stop sign a white car with a girl driving it turned left beside us and I asked my sons father who that was and he said it was my boyfriends friend. I told him to turn around. I felt anger and jealously because I knew she was going to my boyfriends house. When we pulled up back at his house he was standing outside looking sorta sad with his head hung down a little. She got out of the car and she was absolutely beautiful with a dark brown one piece swimming suit on that had turquoise stones around the neckline. She was very dark skinned, kinda looked like a Native American Indian but more modern or bohemian style girl. She was in her 20’s. They just stood beside each other with some space between them looking at me. No words were spoke between us and that’s how it ended. I did not like her in my dream. I felt like I would never be able to compete with her.- In real life we were having terrible issues. Something inside of me from the very beginning felt something was off about my boyfriend. It got really really bad to the point I was reacting horrendously Which is pretty out of my character. I always felt like and I still feel like he is hiding something and it’s really bad. I can’t explain it. I have just always felt this way about him. And now that we are broke up I still feel that way. I really need help with this dream interpretation because I don’t understand what she means especially how it relates to him or me or whoever. I woke up feeling like God was revealing the truth. Can you help?

Christina Daniels Changed status to publish June 13, 2022

Hello Natasha,

Thanks for sharing your dream and trusting me enough to share.

1. Even though you had moved on, your son’s father was driving the car. This can indicate emotions from that relationship which are unhealed and unresolved. These emotions most likely affected your ex relationship as well.
2. The stop sign is where you are most likely emotionally stuck.
3. Turn around meant you went back to rummage through the past.
4. Please evaluate the root of comparison and jealousy in your emotional and romantic life.

Though you ex boyfriend might have been untrustworthy… I think your own emotions is what the dream wants to point out. When we can’t come to peace within our own self we need to evaluate what is happening.

I’d love to help you explore this further for free. This should only take the first 20min and we can get a lot covered 🙂

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Christina Daniels Answered question June 13, 2022