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Good Morning! I hope you are doing well and I thank you in advance for anything you can do to bring clarity to the sets of dreams I’m having. Background: I’m single and have been for 10yrs. I’m happy and live a full life…if God sends someone then great. If not, I trust him. I’ve had 3 dreams about men who I’m dating…these aren’t men I know and they happen to be 3 different celebrities in the dreams. One dream I had a week ago and 2 dreams happened last night. Dreams are below:

The first 2 dreams were very simple. I was in a car in the 1st dream driving around with the guy I was dating and we were both at ease and at peace enjoying each other’s company. I remember thinking… he looks at me the way no other man ever has. The 2nd dream was much the same, hanging out at his house or mine, feeling peaceful and love. Those were simple but left an impression on me when I woke up.

The 3rd dream was interesting… I was dating another person that we were getting serious. There was heavy petting happening…I remember we jumped up because my daughter came home. But, in the dream we talked a lot about God and me being able to accept him as a real person because he felt this was God. The relationship  was becoming public, people were finding out that we were dating, and friends started finding out. I was invited to a charity event by some friends but was only going to drop off some things for it and he was in the car with me. Once the trunk was unloaded, my friends invited us inside. Once he was inside, they used the opportunity to attack him for not being more vocal with some of the causes that were important to them and me. He was upset and wondered if I participated in this “setup”. He explained that he spoke up in causes that God directed him to speak on… I was very upset because I felt he didn’t need to speak up on every cause that was important to me and they were not aware at how he served these causes behind the scenes. I explained both that point and the point that “my friends” staging an attack behind the scenes to get more publicity was unacceptable. We left… and I woke up.

Any thoughts on these dreams… I seldom dream about me being in a relationship so certainly not 3 in a week. Thanks again and God bless!

Christina Daniels Answered question August 10, 2022

Hello Nat,

Thanks for sharing your dreams. I will try my best to bring revelation, but please pray and look to the Bible/God to find a final meaning!

Celebrities can represent the values of a man or relationship that you put on a pedestal.

Dream #1-2: The drive was peaceful which could indicate that the driver was the Holy Spirit. It seems you are learning to let go and trust God to direct your life. God’s love for you is become obvious to you and it’s very beautiful.

Dream #3: could be about a couple things:
1. a call to pray for that person, the dream could have nothing to do with you and it’s demonstrating you standing in the gap to see what’s happening and intercede.
2. the dream is showing you have fear of betrayal and chaos when it comes to relationships.
3. the dream could represent your intimacy with God. It may show that sometimes it’s not perfect, but there is deep love. It might also show the reaction and thoughts of the people around you to God. The friend’s perspectives on God may cause it to be hard to move forward in righteousness.

I hope something resonated with you.

Christina Daniels Answered question August 10, 2022