Interpretation of my dreaming


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I have been dreaming about taking a lift at my apartment. I will always be alone n When I enter the lift, I will press my floor (I stay on the highest floor, 14 storey in real life) . But in my dreams, the lifts has floors up to 80 and even 100 storeys. Then the lift will malfunction n continued going up to the highest floor. I was very terrified and thought I m going to die.. n I will wake up from my dreams.

Christina Daniels Changed status to publish July 8, 2021

Samantha, when I had dreams like this in the past it was showing me I was getting closer to God. Sometimes that process can be scary because He’s taking us to a place we didn’t know exists. It’s a scary, yet beautiful journey.

Christina Daniels Edited answer July 8, 2021
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