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I’m a 27 years old girl. I saw my uncle who died when I was 8 years old. In the dream, he came to our house, and he looked thinner than I last knew him. My mother told me that my uncle, who’s her brother, loved me dearly. In the dream, I shook his hand, and it felt very soft. Then I left him with my friend, but he began to flirt with that friend.

Christina Daniels Answered question October 11, 2021

That’s a very interesting dream.
– Has your mom ever talked about him in real life?
– Do you have any jealousy towards that friend?
– Do you have a distrust of men?
– Are the men in your family very flirtatious?

Your answers will help me better understand what this dream may be communicating.

My Mum hasn’t talked about him.
Well, I’m not jealous about my friend as such.
I do have trust issues with men.


I think the dream is representing how you feel in the presence of men. Will they notice you? Will they look at someone else?

It’s interesting that your mom said he loved you dearly… But then his actions didn’t show that. Perhaps you have many experiences with men saying one thing and doing the opposite? Or maybe you have this experience with your family as well?!

Please pray and let the Lord lead you on this one.

xoxo Christina Daniels

Christina Daniels Changed status to publish October 11, 2021
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