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My daughter had this dream about Me:

“I just woke up from a dream. I left a friend who had finally told me she was recovering from a c-section and when I left I needed up at an airport with you. You were running trying to make sure you got to your terminal and you had baggage but it wasn’t a lot. I took it as we ran through the airport but it was the rolling kind so it wasn’t really an issue. We got in the escalator and and we ended up going through this door where a lot of people were but when we went through it thinking we had to go through security checkpoint you were right where you were supposed to be. The people were telling you you were in the right place and all you had to do was board the plan. You told me you had it from there. I don’t know why I woke up and it was like I needed to remember it so I don’t know why”

Christina Daniels Answered question October 11, 2022

Hello Shyre,

Thanks for sharing your dream.

It sounds like your daughter has been helping to carry some of the burdens in your life. However, God graced her to help you and she does it so effectively. She seems to be worried about you. But, it appears that you were going somewhere all along. God has you my sweet friend. And you are going to the next level spiritually.

If this is correct, you have such a special relationship with your daughter. It’s such a gift from God.


Christina Daniels Answered question October 11, 2022
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