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I dreamed I was in the hospital and had given birth to a baby.  It baby was very dark in complexion with a dark red patch on its right cheek area below the right eye. Under it was a white patch.  The baby had curly dark hair.  The baby was very healthy with chubby cheeks.  I was wondering why the baby appeared so dark & had that red spot on its face. I remember hearing someone say “It was a difficult delivery.” I seen my youngest sister at that same hospital, right before I seen my baby.  I passed by her n she had a gown on just like mine.  I asked her why she was there.  She said she had two problems with her heart n they were going to go down with a wire n fix it.  I also remember thinking 🤔 “She’s talking to me now.”  So I went to get my baby to show her.  I wanted her to see my baby.  That’s when I seen Tami (a lady from my past who was very toxic in my life, in my old church I attended for 16 years) holding my baby.  I think someone was walking with me the whole time, but I never saw their face.  Tami was seated n talking with someone, but I never saw their face.

Christina Daniels Changed status to publish December 18, 2022

Hello! I hope you’re well!

The baby may signal something you’re working on, your purpose, OR a spiritual blessing from God.

I would say that it is something that has been hard for you and you’re finally seeing breakthrough.
And that you should be careful of who you let close to your “baby” “project” and “purpose”.


Christina Daniels Answered question December 18, 2022
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