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Hi my name is Barbara and I would like to see if you can interpret my dream. I dream I was sitting in a chair my ex was there there was a table there was someone talking to us but I don’t remember who he was. The I got up and served my self food and when to sit down then my ex got to serve himself and I ask are you hungry he said yes but I did not serve him he serve himself.

Christina Daniels Answered question February 18, 2022

Hello Barbara,

Thanks for sharing your dream. Please be sure to pray about my suggestions and let God reveal more to you!

This sounds like you are both at the same place emotionally and perhaps spiritually. It also shows that the person talking to both of you was forgotten, so it sounds like you both are focused on yourselves rather than God’s voice OR a voice that provides wisdom in both of your lives.

What’s interesting is that you got up and got food, but it seems you didn’t realize your ex was hungry till he got up to eat.

Did you have a relationship were you thought he was more strong that he appeared? Were you insecure and needed him to make you feel enough? Do you tend to be a little bit more focused on yourself rather than the needs of others?

I would evaluate these themes and see what God highlights.

Bless you!

Christina Daniels Answered question February 18, 2022