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I had a dream I was in a church and the pastor called me out was used in the gift of the word of knowledge He told me I use to be in a relationship with a young lady from Mississippi but she was actually from Alabama then He said that she stole from me then afterwards he told me to go pray for some people who were at the church service and as I went to pray I couldn’t it was as though my mouth was shut Nothn came out so I could only lay hands on the people I was rubbing my throat asking God why can’t I speak then I was awakens from the dream I also remember the pastor name was Jevon in the dream

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Were you in a relationship with a woman that was very hard? If so, it sounds like she stole your voice. There is something she did that may have made you constantly second guess your words… Maybe out of fear of hurting her? If yes, then the dream is showing you that there was also a level of deceit in the relationship. Sounds like God wants to use you powerfully, but there is deep healing that is needed from this relationship.

The relationship doesn’t have to be romantic. It could be someone that was close to you as well. Hope that helps 🙂

Xoxo Christina D.

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