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Hi! I loved stumbling across your blog. It was a very refreshing and uplifting read.

I had a dream that I know was from the Lord. I have been praying He reveals his interpretation to me. The first part of the dream He did confirm after a month and a half after praying constantly to know it was from Him.

So to give you an overview my husband left me the week of Thanksgiving. I have been praying to our Father to restore our marriage. After a bad text with him in January, I cried my heart out to the Lord to tell me what is going on with my life.

That night I had a dream. This was it:

The dream had two parts. The first one I was asking mom if George is OK. My mom appeared and she was glowing with a light around her and wearing a white top. Her eyes were watery and I was joyful and she responded George got saved. Then I said is this real?

I woke up after that and asked is this you Lord? I didn’t know if I  should write it down but was so tired that I went back to sleep.

My dream continued and we were wearing the same outfits on our wedding day. I had on a white dress and George had on a white top and his blue pants. George was holding our baby girl and it looked just like me when I was little. The baby was around 15 to 18 months. And the little girl was wearing a white sundress and white shoes. And I just wrapped my arms around them both and rubbed my hands through her hair. It was curly like mine when I was little.  Then I woke up. 

Praying non-stop for the Lord to reveal if dream from Him. Saw George 2/22  and told him about Jesus to fill his emptiness. Asked mom for passage to send him for him to accept the Lord in his heart. 

The next day I was at work asking the Lord about my dream at work because I was so sad and missing George. Walking to the bathroom it just popped-in my head why was my mom in my dream. I never asked that or questioned that ever.  Immediately what dropped in my spirit was “she sent me the passage for George to accept Christ.” Told mom that day and she said that she was looking for another passage and couldn’t find it and she saw the one she sent was powerful. 

I am praying the Lord continues to reveal more to me. He wants to proceed with the divorce and has filed. So I am waiting for the Lord to reveal His glory in this situation.

Christina Daniels Answered question March 12, 2022

Hello C,

I am so blessed that you felt safe enough to share your heart and story with me. I definitely believe your dreams are from God. I think the first dream is showing you what will happen in the future.

Usually prophetic words are given to guide us in hard situations. For example, David was told he’d be king, but he was being hunted down to be killed by the king. Joseph dreamed he’d rule over his brothers and he was betrayed and spent a long time exiled and in hoard situations.

I believe similar to these Bible characters, God wants to take you on a personal development journey during this time. He wants to make you spiritually stronger and more secure in who you are as God’s daughter. The second dream reminded me of your past. It seems that God wants to bring healing to your past memories with G and your childhood woundings.

It seemed like you were able to find a peace and restored joy in that dream. Here is an article to help you stay strong in faith and keep going despite the divorce:

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Also, if you’d like we can talk more in-depth about your process in free coaching! I would love to help you heal and identify the areas God wants to touch you in:

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Christina Daniels Edited answer March 12, 2022