The Christian Perspective Of White Privilege: Is it real?

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What is white privilege:inherent advantages possessed by a white person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.” It isn’t because the person is white it’s because the majority of America is white. The main culture is white culture and others have to learn to fit into white culture to make it.

I know this term can be feel so offensive. You may have had to go through so much to get to where you are.. Or, you are still struggling. I’m so sorry. But, this term is not to erase the hard-work you have done. This term seeks to show that black hair, the black body, black “gramma”, black names — Ronquisha, are not totally accepted by society. Our bodies and lips were made fun of and weren’t idealized till the Kardashians and similar white brands made it “hip”. In fact, many blacks that become one with the dominant American experience feel a strong urge to separate themselves from their African origins.

Caucasians do not have to shed their racial identity, who they are, to move up in the economic ladder.

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The black community, especially one’s entrenched in poverty, feel they have so many obstacles stopping them from making it in life. Obstacles such as their cultural norms, speech, look, etc. They have been denied jobs, hear racial insults, been harassed, etc. But, America would not listen or acknowledge they were in pain. Segregation happened only 56 years ago — 1964. There Is no way that all blacks have been given the help needed to heal from the trauma of life — segregation, crack cocaine, damages from welfare, etc.

Blacks want a voice to explain how they feel just like survivors of others that suffered due to human cruelty. However, if the majority of America (mostly caucasian) say they have nothing to complain about… Then, the story just keeps changing. They never get heard. That is why rage fuels the hearts of people that have remained unheard for decades. That is why so many are lifting their voices together to give power to make one BIG voice. 

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I disagree — So, how can I be like Christ in this situation?

That’s okay… You don’t have to believe there is racism or white privilege to fight for poor communities to have an equal opportunity and equal treatment.

They key is to find a way to act and listen without tearing down and removing the voice and belittling the pain of others. 2020 Vision includes seeing that the devil is at work on this earth to cause deep pain and bring darkness. The world isn’t neat and tidy. It’s in need of love and revolutionary change. If we can’t acknowledge that then we erase the need for a Savior. And, if we can’t see the Devil’s ploy to squash the voice and pain of others then how can we fix it? How can you radically bring the light of Jesus?

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White privilege, middle class privilege, classism, and wealth privilege are all a thing.

During Corona virus, I got some amazing deals in the stock market —while I do work very hard… What a privilege it was to still be paid during corona. What a privilege it was to be around people in DC that peaked my interest, some were given play money to do this since high school! I immediately started to ask questions 6 years ago… 

I just relocated to a new private school. The kids have mental health days, classes on the stock market, class sizes under 17, and other privileges that are setting them up to be successful in life.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets that exposure or those opportunities or have the resources to jump in and try new things. 

It breaks my heart that people are dying because they are trying to make a quick buck selling cigarettes, or spending “supposed” fake twenties, etc. Let’s think into the economics of that. WHO wants to SELL single pieces of cigarettes to make a living? Why spend fake money when you can make real money? There is no DIGNITY in that. That’s embarrassing!

You may be asking, “What about welfare?

Welfare doesn’t work for people being murdered by the historical structure. Welfare cannot replace the lack of jobs and crushed spirits in a vulnerable neighborhood. Welfare doesn’t give people a chance to have a few extra dollars or education to “dabble” in the stock market.

Welfare cannot replace black businesses that have sank due to an inability to compete with major corporations — that thrive due to historical origins with subsidies earned through slave labor.

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I have privilege that others don’t. We all may have privileges that others don’t. There isn’t a need to feel ashamed. But, there is a call for us to use it for the advantage of others. There is a need for us to refrain from judging others because of what we have. What comes easy to us takes a lifetime for others.

The problem is deep. The fix is spiritual healing coupled with human action. We have to have both. But, we have to see the problem or we won’t be able to hear the heart of God to usher in healing. Lord open our ears and direct our steps to make a difference

Shouldn’t personal responsibility help the black community?

Yes, however you need support and education to do that. Families that are so entrenched in poverty and lack support often make decisions based on hunger, need, and deep worthlessness. We don’t excuse such behavior but our job as Christians is fight for others to be in a position that they can decide to do what is right.

I think of the women I minister to on Adorned Heart. So many of them unmarried and living with men that sexually abuse them and they cry about it… But, they feel stuck because they have no family, friends or finances. Our job as Christians is to help them see the path or create a path to success.

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My mom is a fighter. My mom has put her kids before herself in every way possible to make a path for myself and my siblings. (Thanks Mom ) I’m sure you have someone in your family that did the same for you?

My mom, a first generation immigrant, put her dreams on hold. She did 2-3 jobs to make sure we were safe, clothed, fed, and educated. 

We are a product of HER selfless act. We didn’t pull ourselves up by the bootstrap. We were given a head start. My mom skipped the race of life so that she could buy us running shoes, tie our shoe laces, and give us a chance to win. When we win she wins.

My mom learned this from her family and her parent’s sacrifices. That’s privilege. That’s advantage. Not everyone has family to do that. Families already broken by structural violence can’t give their children a head start.

Children that “make” it didn’t do it alone. It was GENERATIONS of sacrifices to give their children a better shot at life.

Why are blacks behind economically?

You may not be directly privileged with wealth but the upper-class in America are. The extreme wealthy in America are benefiting from slave wealth. For instance, government subsidies. Which people and businesses are RICH or benefiting today because of money received from slave taxes or racist beginnings? Which black generational lines are set back because their businesses were burnt down multiples times after being built back? These black businesses did not receive government assistance to keep them afloat.

The economic game started years ago. A large part of society thrives because it stands on the back of the most vulnerable. Bootstraps? What if they have none. Structural violence can stop the most vulnerable from adding their “voice” to any cause in a way that makes change. This furthers the problem — poverished communities or one’s that are being ignored can’t communicate how they feel!

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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