QUIZ: Am I prideful?

Want to know if you struggle with vanity, self-importance, arrogance, and pride? This quiz will help you decide if you truly are prideful.

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel. Be honest, the results are private!

1. If people don't take my advice, they'll regret it later.
2. I don't ask for help because its embarrassing.
3. I don't ask questions, I'm sure I know the right solution.
4. If there was something wrong with me, I would see it first.
5. I like to keep a perfect image of beauty, job ambition, or having money.
6. I have a hard time being vulnerable and sharing my emotions.
7. I get jealous if someone is better than me.
8. I deserve blessings because I pray and do good things.
9. I see problems in everyone else but not in myself.
10. I believe people are in pain because they did something wrong.
11. I have a hard time apologizing or admitting wrong doings.
12. I am afraid people will take advantage of my weakness.
13. I barely learn new things from other people.
14. I need encouragement, to be right, and attention to feel good about myself.
15. I have trouble trusting or listening to my leaders.
16. I always have a reason for why I did the wrong thing.
17. I wouldn't take advice about money from someone poor.
18. I shouldn't have to do certain tasks. I've earned the right not to.
19. I inform people about my accomplishments, connection with important figures, etc.
20. I date men or befriend people with problems and hope to fix them.
21. I feel like people are always doing something wrong.
22. I must fix the problem because no-one else, nor God can fix it.
23. I would never do the same bad things as some people I see.
24. I will have a good life if I continue to do the right things.
25. I make the right decisions and preparations so things will turn out well.
26. I have a hard time complimenting other people.
27. I pretend I'm doing great, when I'm falling apart inside.
28. I put people in categories and rank them by level of success.

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QUIZ: Am I prideful?

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