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Strong Woman Poem: Know Your Worth!

Women, wake up! Wake up and believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams, goals, and inner strength. Believe in your power. Yes, you possess a power that no man will ever gain.  Believe in your beauty because no matter what any human being says your beauty is far greater than any rose or sunset.  Related […]

Are children our future? My Child Is My Canvas!

 An Image of Flawless Imperfection (For My Son) My child is my canvas and my opportunity to create a masterpiece. With every stroke of my paintbrush, I will teach him everything that I know. I will teach him about my successes so that he can exceed them. I will teach him about my failures so […]

“Spark” (poetry)

“Spark” I am a speck in the universal skyscape I take up no more space or matter than A blip On radars, on sound waves, on light traveling for years Trying to reach some mass from which to bounce.   But there’s a space that surrounds me Waiting to be moved by energy. I look […]

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