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How to be More Humble: 6 Causes of Pride!

The truth is, pride is rooted in deep insecurity, fear, and unworthiness. Fix the deep seeded problems and you fix the pride.

4+ Ways To Defeat Unwanted Thoughts (15+ Bible Verses)

Satan wants you to believe you are dirty, unclean, and sinful. Don’t believe the lie, Jesus died to make you pure.

5 Secrets to Love Yourself When You’re Feeling Anxious!

These 5 secrets have helped me to navigate social anxiety, relationship anxiety, teaching anxiety, and random anxiety.

How do I fix my toxic traits? 5 Tips to Heal!

I was so broken at some points in my life that it was so easy for me to break others. I just didn’t know how to love or even what peace was. I had to learn.

An Empowering Letter To Victims of Emotional Abuse!

No one understands how you feel. In one moment, you hate him for the pain he caused you… But, in the next moment..

4 Ways To Cope When Tragedy and Disappointments Attack

Then my perspective immediately changed. I realized that God saved my dad and husband’s life. God saved my dad’s life because right…

6 Toxic Traits In A Relationship

Toxic relationships can cause so much wounding. There are six traits of a toxic relationship to help you identify and avoid such relationships.

Toxic Traits: 6 Reasons People Won’t Change!

Individuals with toxic behaviors struggle with feelings of self-hate and victim-mentality.

Generational Trauma Patterns: 3 Strategies to Break the Toxic Cycles!

The generational cycles gained from our childhood environment taught us unhealthy strategies. Learn 3 strategies to break patterns, traumatic cycles, and curse.

People pleasers & Enablers Attract Dysfunctional Partners: 3 Keys To End The Cycle!

The “victim” and the “unloved man” felt like Gods by the exchange. They both depended on each other to feel powerful.

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