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9 Tips to Get Along With Each Other During Quarantine!

Stuck In the house with people that are difficult? Here are 9 tips to help you survive!

7 Reasons Why Advice Isn’t Working For You (Romantic + Friends)!

Are you applying all the relationship and communication advice but it won’t work? Here are 7 reasons why.

What is a toxic relationship? What causes toxic relationships?

Toxic relational patterns can form from traumas experienced in childhood or as an adult. The traumas determine the type of attachment style that individuals have.

People pleasers & Enablers Attract Dysfunctional Partners: 3 Keys To End The Cycle!

The “victim” and the “unloved man” felt like Gods by the exchange. They both depended on each other to feel powerful.

Are You The Queen of Petty?

I considered using my body as a tool for payback and to fuel his anger.

What is LOVE? How does LOVE feel?

Love is a gift that cannot be earned. Love is given to someone when they deserve and don’t deserve your affections.

2 Keys to Stop Thinking Negatively About Others!

If you are human, I’m sure you have struggled with negative thoughts about the people in your life or vice-versa. I once had a miscommunication with a friend. She was furious and felt that I was lying about the situation and had ulterior motives. She let me know all the horrible things she thought about […]

Building Trust: 6 Steps To Encourage People To Let You In

Relationships are a scary thing. The people around us are scared of getting hurt. They are afraid of letting down their guard due to fear. But, you can help remove the fear in the atmosphere by showing your loved one that there is safety in your relationship. When people feel safe they open up. They […]

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