2 Keys to Stop Thinking Negatively About Others!

If you are human, I’m sure you have struggled with negative thoughts about the people in your life or vice-versa. I once had a miscommunication with a friend. She was furious and felt that I was lying about the situation and had ulterior motives. She let me know all the horrible things she thought about […]

Know Your Worth

Women, wake up! Wake up and believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams, goals, and inner strength. Believe in your power. Yes, you possess a power that no man will ever gain.  Believe in your beauty because no matter what any human being says your beauty is far greater than any rose or sunset.  Don’t […]

Christians in Politics: Are you bringing light or darkness?

In any political debate, you should be a light for the Gospel. Snarky sarcasm, hidden jabs, passive aggressive statements, and deep anger are all signs you are probably not motivated by love.

The Christian Perspective Of White Privilege: Is it real?

They key is to find a way to act and listen without tearing down and removing the voice and belittling the pain of others.

Should Christians support the fight against racism in 2020?

Division, racism, racists, police brutality, and poverty are all schemes of the devil. Let’s talk about it.

God Doesn’t Break Promises: 10 Promises in Scripture For Your Every Need!

God does not break promises because God is not man that he should lie! There are 10 key scriptures that show God wants to provide for your every need!

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